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(January 16, 2018)

Market Stats

(January 16, 2018)

6 Steps to preparing for an Open House

(January 15, 2018)

Buying a home or selling the place you have is more than just a major lifestyle change; for many people it’s the largest financial transaction they will ever undertake. This month I have some valuable tips that provide sellers with ways to get the most out of your Open House. These small tips will have big impacts to help us on our journey to sell your home.If you’re thinking about buying or selli... read more.

Mortgage Changes

(November 29, 2017)

As you may know we have some new mortgage changes coming down the pipeline January 1st. You should be aware of the 1st hand effects this is going to have on you as a buyer!

What are these changes?
Buyers with 20% or more will be qualifying at the same rates as those buyers with less than 20%. At either benchmark (currently 4.89%) OR contract rate plus 2% (so today’s best conventional rate 3.14%+2%=5... read more.


(October 27, 2017)

It’s so hard to believe that October is abruptly ending. With only a few days left in this month preparations and celebrations for the beloved all Hallows Eve begins. Come check out a few of the fun spooky events in Our Local community, and don’t forget to dress your scariest. 

  • 224 Wiley Crescent – Red Deer
  • 3821-59 Avenue Crescent– Red Deer
 OPEN HOUSESunday, October 29