Easy to Care for Houseplants

(April 30, 2019)

When thinking about selling your home, staging is an important thing to consider. You've done all your repairs, you have your furniture arranged perfectly...but your home still doesn't feel welcoming. Now what?

A few strategically placed house plants can make a world of difference, adding greenery and life into an otherwise stale space. 

If your green-thumb is non-existent, don't worry - there are ea... read more.

women, Wealth, & Wisdom - May 2019

(April 29, 2019)

Please join us for the third of our complimentary seminar series, designed to help women and families build sound financial management skills. This seminar will focus around becoming the sole manager of your household finances with life changes, whether from divorce, death of a spouse, or starting our on your own for the first time. 

  • Knowing your credit
  • Understanding credit and why you need it
  • Househ... read more.

RADON - what you need to know

(April 23, 2019)

Radon Gas has been discussed often lately here in Alberta, and we want to share some information from Health Canada in regards to it, what you can do to reduce your exposure to it. 

First of all, what is Radon?
Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is formed by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water. It cannot be detected by the senses; however, it can be detected easily with... read more.

Realtor tour

(April 16, 2019)

It is great working with Roxann Klepper, Andrew Russell and Al Sim.  Come and visit us tonight at our ‘Streets of Dreams’ Realtor Tour!  Stop by for a snack, a chat, and to tour some of the most beautiful homes in Red Deer.  

Spring Newsletter!

(April 05, 2019, posted in Market Updates)

Our spring newsletter is here!

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With so many properties on the market, buying a home is easy - while selling it can be challenging. Having your property ready for listing is essential; besides being properly priced it must make a GREAT first impression. If there are simple maintenance items to complete, do them fir... read more.

Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

(April 01, 2019)

Spring is finally in the air across Alberta, and with the sun and warmer weather comes the realization that Old Man Winter has been torturing the outside of your house for the last few (let's face it, SEVEN) months.

Before you clean off the patio furniture and start planting your gardens, you might want to follow these six tips to get your home ready for a headache-free season.

 1 - Check your gutter... read more.