(June 18, 2018)

Here is a list of paperwork critical to getting the best mortgage rates and terms!

So your expert realtor set you up on a home search, you have been scouring all the bright new listings and all of a sudden - there it is - the property that makes your palms sweat and your pulse race! Finally - a place you can call your OWN! So, what now? Well, if you hav... read more.

Home Maintenance Guide - GUEST POST (JESSE FOX) 

(June 14, 2018)

So, you’ve gotten your home inspected, and you’ve got questions about some of the home maintenance options recommended to you. Find out what you need to do with this guide!

Change furnace filters

How Often Should It Be Done? Every 3-4 months, depending on whether or not you have pets, and several other factors.
Can I Do It Myself? How? Yes, and changing your furnace filter is quite easy. Here's a hel... read more.

Market Update - MAy

(June 12, 2018)

May sales were up slightly in some central Alberta markets and off slightly in others. Concern over the Kinder Morgan deadline may have impacted consumer confidence negatively, causing sales to slow slightly compared to last month. We believe it is more likely the pipeline will be completed under federal government ownership and if the general public feels the same way, consumer confidence will ri... read more.

Preventing Wind & Hail Damage This Summer

(June 12, 2018)

With summer upon us it is important to prepare your home for the inevitable wind and hail storms that Central Alberta receives. After last year’s massive storm ripped through Red Deer, there was an estimated $30 Million in damages across the city. Hopefully Summer 2018 won’t experience a storm of that magnitude, but it is best to be prepared. Here are a few simple ways to do that:

Reinforce doors/w... read more.

Downsize Planning: Part 3 - Condominiums 

(June 01, 2018)

If you currently own a home and want to downsize, condominiums are a great option. If you’ve never lived in a condo, you may not understand how they operate and where to start your research. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Age Restriction: As of January 1, 2018, condo buildings in Alberta are no longer allowed to restrict the age of its residents except for seniors only housing, which is cons... read more.