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This satirical article made our team laugh - we wanted to share the laughter with you!
Shared from the Lighter Side of Real Estate - thanks for the chuckle!
1. Carpeting
What it is – A soft fabric floor covering meant to add comfort and style to a room.
What it means on HGTV – Literally one step up from homelessness. Like, who actually has carpet in their house?! Gross.

condominiums: a form of Ownership – not a Building Style!

(June 06, 2019, posted in Misc)

Did you know that a condo can be an apartment building, townhouse complex or group of single-family homes?  It can be MORE than just an apartment! When you purchase a condo, you own a private dwelling called a “unit”, which is registered in your name. You share ownership of the common elements and assets of the building and community - lobbies, hallways, elevators, recreational facilities, walkways... read more.

new changes to the Condominium Property Act and Regulations

(June 06, 2019, posted in Misc)

foxandrox would like to thank Carissa @ Condolyzers in Red Deer for writing this article to help educate our clients!

Wondering how the new changes to the Condominium Property Act and Regulations Affect Condo Owners? 

Over the course of a couple years, the Alberta Government underwent an initiative to update the documents which provide rules and regulations to Condominiums in Alberta. These rules per... read more.

YMCA coming to red deer

(March 25, 2019, posted in Misc)

Did you know that the New Northside Community Centre being built in Red Deer (@ Taylor Drive & 77th Street) is going to be run by the YMCA of Northern Alberta?

The centre is set to be open in July of this year!  

It is always exciting to see new facilities opening in our community - and if you haven't driven by in a while, you can see the latest construction photos (and more info) on the YMCA's websit... read more.

Prevent Dryer Fires!

(March 19, 2019, posted in Misc)

Did you know!? There are over 14,000 house fires a year attributed to lack of dryer duct cleaning in North America - this is the #1 cause of house fires! Take note of these warning signs, and have your residential dryer’s exhaust duct cleaned every two years, or when you notice a change in the machine’s performance.     

     - Clothes taking longer than normal to dry (More than 1 cycle)
- Machine hot to t... read more.